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Rodger Kram
08-08-1997, 03:21 AM
My original posting:
> I am looking for a device that will put the video field or frame # onto a
> pre-recorded video tape. I am aware of devices that place a time code,
> e.g. 00:00:00 hours:minutes:seconds, but that is not what I desire. The
> video tape I am trying to put these frame numbers on was recorded at 200
> fields per second and thus, it is cumbersome to convert from base 60 to
> base 200. I want something that inserts the frame number and just keeps
>counting > up, no reset at 30 etc.

I got a handful of requests from others looking for such a device. I also
got a few useful replies that are posted below. However, none of them were
exactly what I was asking for. Eventually, I found a company that will
make such a device.

142 Sierra St.
El Segundo CA 90245

phone (310) 322-2136
fax (310) 322 8127

Bill Rajaniemi is the person to talk to. They can modify their ES-488
SMPTE time code generator/reader/inserter to do this job. The modified
version will count up from 0 to 99,999,999 frames (a bit of overkill there,
eh?) and the even fields/odd fields will be designated by a decimal
point/lack of decimal point. It will "burn" this number onto the video
image of an already recorded tape while a dub copy is being made at normal
NTSC 60Hz speed.

I am paying $2020 for this device, however, Bill said that price includes a
one time engineeringn charge and that future units would be $1345. So, if
you decide to buy one of these units, be sure to buy me a beer at the next
conference you see me at since I will have saved you nearly $700.

It takes 8-10 weeks for delivery so I have not actually used my unit yet.
Perhaps I should post a short update, when I get it and test it out.

Before finding ESE, I went to the Thomas Register on-line
(http://www.thomasregister.com/adfinder.html) and got a list of companies
that make video time related products. The following companies do NOT make
such a device: True Time, Sekai, Fast Forward Video, GDI. Gray,
Adams-Smith, Chronolog or Horita. However, Horita does make a nice
hours:min:sec:frames model.

Rodger Kram
Integrative Biology Dept.
3060 VLSB
University of California, Berkeley
e-mail rkram@socrates.berkeley.edu
WWW http://socrates.berkeley.edu:80/~rkram/

the replies I got:

From: (Bin Xia)
Back to 88-89, I developed an electrical circuit to count frame (field) number
using TV sync signals. Instead of displaying digital numbers on screen, I
used bar code (binary), and opened a small window to display the code. The
circuit is easy and effective, but the images itself may be affected depending
on the circuit design.

From: "Joseph R. Higgins"
We use Horita Time code generators...in addition to hours, minutes and
seconds they count frames and fields...so you can get a 60th of a second
resolution when you have a VCR deck that allows you to seperate fields
within a frame.

P.O. Box 3993
Mission Viejo, CA 92690
(714) 489-0240
item # TG-50 TCG = $379.00
Hope this helps...we have used them for years here and at TeachersCollege,
Columbia University...Joe

From: "A.L.HOF"
If you mean that the time code is to be put on previously
recorded tape, I cannot help you. There are time code generators that
put it on tape in the process of recording, and readers that can read
it and put it on a RS-232 port when playing. Take care that these use
the VITC standard, which means that the time code is put on the VIDEO
channel, so that it still works in stills or fast forward replay.
For these nice instruments you should contact a representative of the
German firm Alpermann and Velte. The prices can be in the range of
$3000. I do not know the adress of A&V but its representative in the
Netherlands will know it:
AVM inc, Neuweg 62a, NL-1214 GW Hilversum , The Netherlands
fax: (31)35 6219175 tel ...6236732

From: "Jeremy Linskell"
There is a range of Video Timers produced by the company FOR A. This
is the VTG range and I think that theVTG-55B offers a frame number
facility. I do not know if this equipment is available in the States.

From: "Doug McClymont"
I have just what you're looking for! But it's on the other side of the
planet and in a PAL system so not much help I'm afraid.
I purchased the "Time Video Coder" from a company that used to do the
horse racing broadcasts here, they had no use for it and practically
gave it away!
The machine really is called a "Time Video Coder" and it was
manufactured by FOR-A company in Japan. Model VTG-55B
It gives me a choice of hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a
second as will all the modern stuff, but it also numbers the frames
which is what you're looking for. Good luck in your search