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Kleinberger, Mike
08-14-1997, 12:30 AM
Twenty-Fifth International Workshop on
Human Subjects for Biomechanical Research

US Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Dr. Michael Kleinberger, Chairman


Dear Colleagues:

The Twenty-Fifth International Workshop on Human Subjects for Biomechanical Re
search will commence at 9:00 am on Saturday November 15, 1997. It will be hel
d at the Walt Disney World Hilton in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The basic pur
pose of the Workshop is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the p
resentation of current trauma research investigations using human volunteers o
r surrogates. Open participation is strongly encouraged to facilitate informa
tion exchange and to help solve problems associated with biomechanical testing

This Workshop has been scheduled on the day following the Stapp Car Crash Conf
erence. Prior to the Stapp conference, the Association for the Advancement of
Automotive Medicine (AAAM) will be holding their annual meeting, and there wi
ll also be a special joint session on Child Occupant Protection. I realize th
at for those of you who are planning to attend the Stapp and/or AAAM conferenc
es this will be a very long week, but I encourage all of you to remain in Flor
ida for the extra day to participate in the Workshop.

This is a Call For Papers that are suitable for presentation at this Workshop.
Topics should be related to recent innovations or difficulties in human vol
unteer or surrogate testing. Papers on computational simulations or dummy tes
ting are acceptable, but must be linked with volunteer or surrogate testing.
Any topic related to trauma biomechanics is welcome. Suggested areas of inter
est include airbag induced trauma, constitutive responses of biological tissue
, human response and tolerance to impact, and pediatric biomechanics and injur

Should you wish to make a presentation, please submit a Title and Abstract on
or before September 15, 1996 to:

Dr. Michael Kleinberger
National Highway Traffic Safety Adm.
Room 6226, NRD-12
400 Seventh Street, S. W.
Washington, DC 20590

Phone: (202) 366 - 4698
Fax: (202) 366 - 5670
E-mail: mkleinberger@nhtsa.dot.gov

The review schedule is fairly tight, so please submit your Abstracts as soon a
s possible. Abstracts may be submitted via mail, fax, or e-mail. Full papers
will be due at the Workshop.

Michael Kleinberger, Ph.D.