View Full Version : Requesting Help to Convert Rotation Sequences

Martin Masson (howmedica)
08-15-1997, 06:18 PM
Dear Colleagues:

I am using ADAMS (Mechanical Dynamics Inc.) to study the effects of
prostheses design on human gait.

In ADAMS V9.0, motions can be specified to act directly between a pair
of markers. To control the orientation of the I marker with respect to
the J marker, ADAMS requires a Body-three 1-2-3 Euler rotation
sequence. If the rotations between two markers have been measured in
the global sequence z, y, x (which corresponds to a Space-three 3-2-1
rotation sequence), the user has to convert this to a Body 1-2-3
rotation sequence before specifying it in a motion.

I wonder if any of you have ever programmed such conversion. I have
looked in the Biomch-l archives and found PRP.FOR by Woltring
(1988-02-22), but I am not sure that this corresponds to my needs.
Ideally, I would like to be able to convert any Body-three, Body-two,
Space-three, or Space-two rotation sequence into a specific Body or
Space rotation sequence:

ex: - converting from Space-three 3-2-1 to Body-three 1-2-3
- converting from Body-two 3-1-3 to Body-three 2-3-1
- converting from Body-three 1-3-2 to Space-two 1-3-1
- etc...

Thanks for any help,

Martin Masson