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Yasuo Kawakami
08-17-1997, 09:42 AM
Dear participants in ISB1997 Tokyo Congress,

The program and proceedings of the congress are available in our web-page

Due to cancellations of some authors, there is a minor change in time
schedule. Some papers have been arranged 15 to 30 min earlier (in the same
session) than previously noticed. Please check the on-line proceeding for
your presentation.

E-mailed abstracts have been published in the web-page. I know that some
abstracts are incomplete (especially figures), and this is not because of
my carelessness. I have tried my best to arrange them as they are now, and
will keep on trying to make them complete. I hope you will accept my
apologies for this. Sending me HTML file of your abstracts will help

I am looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

Greetings from Tokyo,

Yasuo Kawakami, Ph.D.
Department of Life Sciences (Sports Sciences)
The University of Tokyo, Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
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