View Full Version : Defat cancellous bone

Dionisis Voulgaris
08-18-1997, 09:44 PM
I'm currently preparing cubic cancellous bone specimens (2 cm) to test using
ultrasound (immersion technique). Going through the bibliography I see that
it is a common practice to remove all fat and marrow from the cavities
before testing. I put the specimens in ethyl trichloride ulrasound bath for
4 hours followed by high pressure air jet. The results are fair. I would
appreciate any respond to the following questions :

i) Is there a more reliable way to defat cancellous bone ?
ii) Since many specimens have a closed cell form is it really possible to
remove all fat ?
iii) Is there a significant difference in the values of SOS or BUA for
specimens of cancellous bone with and without marrow ?

Thank you in advance,

Dionisis Voulgaris
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Patras
Patras, Greece
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