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Stewart, Sandy 443-6113
08-19-1997, 05:34 AM
To All:

A colleague has an application for a device that takes an analog
signal (a pressure or flow waveform, for example) and converts it to a
form that can be mixed with a genuine video signal (from a video camera,
for example) so that the waveform is visible down at the bottom of each
frame. Ideally the device would have controls to vary the placement of
the waveform within the video frame and the timing. The waveform would
scroll across to the right, showing n cycles (where n is another
controllable feature), then disappear when it gets to the right side and
start over. Alternatively, the current time could be represented in the
middle of the screen with the waveform itself moving to the left.

The purpose is to synchonize the choice of the frames to use for
flow visualization with features in the pulsatile flow. My colleague is
borrowing a device to do this, but it's on temporary loan.

I believe IPM (Instrumentation for Physiology and Medicine) used
to make such a device but their (admittedly ca. 15 year old) phone number
no longer works.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

--Sandy Stewart

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