View Full Version : iliotibial tract: force-displacement curves?

Klaus Kuspert
08-20-1997, 12:32 AM
Dear colleagues,

I try to create a muscle tendon model of the iliotibial tract for use
in gaitanalysis. The iliotibial tract is an important structure for
lateral stabilization of the leg. The tract inserts at the knee and
runs up to the iliac bone. At its proximal part, the tensor fascia
lata muscle and gluteus maximus muscle insert into the tract.
A literature search about this topic revealed some references,
mostly from a medical point of view. Only one article gave a
force-displacement curve of the tract (Hideo Matsumoto, Bahaa
Seedhom. Tension Characteristics of the Iliotibial Tract and Role of
Its Superficial Layer. Clincal Orthopaedics And Related Research, 313
/1995, pp 253-255 ). Unfortunately the authors pulled the distal part
of the tract only up to 11-14 mm in distal direction. So there could
be drawn no conclusion about the tension band effect of the tract.

Dear collegues do you have references/information about
force-displacement curves of the iliotibial tract, about material
parameters of the tract tendon, about numbers which specify the
tension band effect or about existing muscle tendon models of the
iliotibial tract (I'm only aware of the model from S. Delp) ?

Thank you in advance for your help. If there is a public interest I
will post a summery of the responses


Dipl.-Ing. K. Kuspert
University of Darmstadt
Institut of Mechanics I