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Diane Nell
08-22-1997, 11:29 PM
Hello All,
The purpose of this posting is to present the responses which I received to
an earlier posting (attached below and dated 8/9/97) entitled "Info on
Biomechanics Career Outlook?". Approximately ten people responded to the
questions posed, and another ten requested that I post a summary of the
responses. The responses have been summarized into the following
conclusions about the state of the biomechanics field.

1) The majority of respondents agreed that the field of biomechanics is
2) Some suggestions indicated that the following degrees might be more
marketable (in the job hunt sense) than a "biomechanics" degree:
"mechanical engineering" (with an emphasis towards biomechanics) or
"biomedical engineering" this, however, is subject to the specific field
in which you are interested.
3) It was indicated that the job opportunities with some of the larger
companies is good (e.g., Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, J&J, Howmedica, etc.)
4) Research-oriented work, however, remains strongest in the academic and
hospital research environments, over that of private companies.
5) Salaries, again depending on the field of choice, seem to be comparable
to those of the average engineer (however, I received very few responses to
the question of salary).
6) Generally, the knowledge of FEA/FEM was indicated to be a plus, in
terms of career opportunities, in the biomechanics world.
7) More specifically, in the field of prosthetics & orthotics, it was
indicated that there is a trend into CAD/CAM, and, hence, there may been
good and growing opportunities for those with this experience.

I would like to thank all who responded! Your time and effort are greatly
appreciated. Your responses were extremely helpful, not only to myself,
but to many others ....

Admittedly, this summary is that of a SMALL sampling of individuals in the
field. So, in order to improve the quality of these conclusions, I invite
others to write-in about their experiences and I will continue to post
updates of information which I might receive. Thanks again!!!


Diane Nell

I am a mechanical engineer who is contemplating a career change to
Biomechanics. While I have been able to learn much of the field itself, I
have been unsuccessful in locating information on the career outlook. I
would greatly appreciate any information or resources which might answer
the following questions:

1) Is the field of Biomechanics growing/stable/declining?
2) Is the job market currently full of opportunities or is it highly
3) What are the salaries of novice, experienced, and senior Biomechanists?
(at universities and in private companies)
4) Are research opportunities available in private companies and
government as well as universities?
5) Which fields within biomechanics have the greatest job opportunities;
which have the least?
6) Particularly, what is the market like for prosthetics FEM/FEA ?

I greatly appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your feedback!!