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Herman J. Woltring
01-24-1992, 06:15 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

In reply to a recent query on Mech-L about Email access to the American
Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Mech-L moderator posted the
following item. I think that it may also be of interest for Biomch-L.
Those who are not on the Internet can send a note with HELP in the main
body of an email note to BITFTP@PUCC.BITNET to obtain further information.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1992 00:02:08 CST
From: Seiichi Nomura
Subject: eng/sci software
Sender: Mechanical Engineering Discussion List
To: Multiple recipients of
Reply-to: Seiichi Nomura

> I learnt that ASME is running a BBS that can be accessed
> through a modem by dialing their telephone number.

I once talked to the sysop of ASME BBS over the phone and
discussed about mirroring their files to MECH-L.
Unfortunately, they don't have the net access and this
seems to be not feasible.

However, I want to call your attention that I recently
set up anonymous ftp service at me.uta.edu (
and collected some software programs for engineering/science.

Below is the list of files located at /pub/science.

bcf77.zip Free Fortran compiler
sm14a.zip Symbolic math calculator
maple.zip Maple (TM) demo (needs 386/486 and vga)
mathcad.zip MathCAD (TM) demo
f2c-exe.zip Fortran to C converter
tidy621.zip Fortran file beautifier
mrcry203.zip Borland Mercury (Eureka!) math spreadsheet
fit2-117.zip Linear/non-linear analysis
frai1611.zip Fractal generator
eedraw23.zip EE-drawing
cc4.zip Math spreadsheet
grfsy201.zip Scientific graphics
3df.zip 3-D graphics
sspice10.zip Symbolic SPICE
fft128.zip Fast Fourier Transfer
matlab.zip PC-matlab (all purpose matrix solver)
mathdemo.zip Mathematica(c) demo (VGA required)
pmotion.exe Planetary motion (self-extracting)
ode.zip Ordinary Differential Equation Solver
teddemo.zip Thermodynamics graphical tutor
periodic.zip Periodic table (EGA required)
3dsurf.zip Plots z=f(x,y)
algor.zip Finite element demo
chemview.zip Chemical bonding view (EGA)
chiwrite.zip Scientific word processor (math symbol support)
eigen.zip Eigenvalue routine
eispack.zip Matrix eigenvalue solver (FORTRAN)
engpas.zip Engineering Pascal routines
fcnplt40.zip Plots arbitrary functions
fempd.zip Example finite element program (BASIC)
laplace.zip Laplace equation (del f=0) solver
linpack.zip Linear equation package (FORTRAN)
mathfc.zip Command line calculator
mathfunc.pas Pascal math functions
mathpack.pas Pascal math pack
mu-fea1.zip Shareware finite element (Part I)
mu-fea2.zip Shareware finite element (Part II)
predicti.zip Extrapolation of data (curve fit)

Please feel free to grab those files and let me know
if you find something wrong or if you want to contribute
to the list. Make sure to transfer files in binary mode.


Seiichi Nomura ($@LnB