View Full Version : Paromed Datalogger PCMCIA Cards? Prob.

Dr. A. Bagchee
08-26-1997, 11:20 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L Netters:

This is to solicit opinion from experts regarding the use of PCMCIA
card-based data collection instrument. We have a Paromed Datalogger
(marketed in the USA by Peak Performance Systems) that uses a 2MB PCMCIA
card. This device is used for collecting EMG data on a telemetric belt
mounted unit that stores the data into a PCMCIA card during collection.

As it turns out, the card manufacturing companies (Epson, etc.) have
changed the hardware setup of the PCMCIA cards (slightly!) so that cards
manufactured after 1995 are incompatible (in terms of the memory) and may
not be used with the Datalogger system. Does anyone have a solution to
buying older cards, or similar situation solved through engineering?

Your response will be highly appreciated. I will post the collective
responses on the list as they become available. Thank you in advance.

Angus Bagchee, Ph.D. (bagcheap@uc.edu)
Biomechanics-Ergonomics Research Lab
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0056