View Full Version : Wanted: Mechanical Engineer

Mirena Paravic
09-03-1997, 04:56 AM
TimesThe Institute of Orthopedic Research
and Education is searching for an engineer to support ongoing
laboratory and clinical investigations. Current investigations include:
musculo-skeletal function of nornal and artificial knee joints;
mechanical testing of orthopedic instrumentation; fatigue testing of
biomaterials; quantitative anatomical, kinematic, and surgical planning
studies of the hip and knee; experimental surgical procedures; creation
of 3D volumentic data from CT scan data; and development of new
implants. The engineer will work with the Director of Research, staff
orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic residents, orthopedic fellows, and
industrial collaborators. Responsibilities will include: study design;
design, construction and use of mechanical testing systems to simulate
knee loading and motion; data analysis; writing technical reports and
academic papers; and communicating with academic, clinical and
industrial collaborators. Desired skills include mechanical design,
mechanical testing, data acquisition and analysis, image processing,
and technical writing. All specific skills will be taught. A Master's
degree in a biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer
science or related field is preferred. Salary will be based on skills,
experience, and education. Please contact Philip C. Noble, PhD (713)
790-3308, (713) 790-5726 (FAX), pnoble@bcm.tmc.edu