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Tanya Dawson
09-08-1997, 11:54 PM
Dear all

I have had a few replies already and some of them are asking for more detail...so
here it is. My model is concerned with muscle and joint forces and moments and
how the skeletal geometry of the joint affects those variables. I am comparing
modern man with that of 100,00 - 300,000 years ago where the neck-shaft angle
approached a right angle and various other skeletal geometric differences therein. I
hope this is sufficient. Thanks again for any help received. Yours Tanya.

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Dear Biomch-l 'ers

I hope someone out there can help me! I am modelling the human hip joint (for my
PhD) and am in the process of deciding which muscles, if any, I should omit from
my model. There seems to be conflicting opinions as to the redundancy of certain
muscles and hence their omittance from the model. Some people seem to feel that
it won't be a complete model if some muscles are omitted, even if they are the
redundant ones. Can anyone shed any light on this problem. Thanks in advance for
any information received and I shall post a list of the replies at a later date.
Thanks again, Tanya.

Tanya Dawson
University of Liverpool
Department of Human Anatomy
New Medical School
Ashton Street
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