View Full Version : Re: Embedded cylinder subjected to transverse displacements

Charles Pierce
09-09-1997, 10:04 AM
I am a graduate student in Civil Engineering at Northwestern University,
looking for literature on analytical solutions to a long, thin rod
embedded in another material (e.g., soil) and subjected to local
transversal displacements of the surrounding medium. As the surrounding
material locally displaces (e.g., along a slip surface in soil), the rod
will deform by shearing transversely to its long axis. The question is,
how much will the rod deform?

I have searched extensively through literature on design of 1) pipelines
(to uplift forces and/or lateral loading/lateral spreading), 2) piles to
lateral loads, including soil dowels (used for slope stabilization), 3)
and soil nails. Most of the design methods have approached solutions
strictly with theory of elasticity (small displacements). However, I am
interested in predicting large plastic deformations (relative to the
radius of the rod).

Have I overlooked anything in the literature? If you can direct me to
any published papers or any ongoing research in this area, it would be
greatly appreciated. If you need further clarifications on my question,
please respond to me directly at cepierce@merle.acns.nwu.edu.
Thank you for your time.

Charles Pierce
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Civil Engineering
Northwestern University