View Full Version : searching for pressure transducers

James Chiang
09-09-1997, 11:49 AM

I am trying to find a source for pressure transducers. They will be used
to measure pressure in an air line. I would prefer something with a
linear 1-5 VDC output and an excitation of 5 - 12 VDC. Or if someone can
suggest a more basic transducer, the supporting electronics can be
fashioned afterwards.

So far I have only located a transducer that is made for monitoring
pressure in refrigeration devices (i.e. measures hydraulic pressure of
cooling fluid). It is an industrial stainless steel device and is a bit

I was considering using something similar to the intra-abdominal pressure
trandsucers, but I have never seen them nor do I know where to obtain

Any information would be much appreciated.


James Chiang