View Full Version : 1997 ISBS & Teaching Symposiums -- e-mail list

Kathy Ludwig
09-10-1997, 04:48 AM

To all who attended the 1997 XVth ISBS and/or IVth National Teaching Symposium
at Texas Woman's University last June:

If you would like your name and e-mail address to be included in a listing of
conference participants, please e-mail me before Sept. 17th. I have gotten
several requests for a comprehensive e-mail list so I am making an effort to
include everyone. I particularly need to hear from you if your e-mail address
has changed since June.

I also need to hear from you if you would NOT like your e-mail address given out
to other attendees.

I apologize for the delay in posting this list. Real life returned with a bang
after the Conferences.

Thank you,

Kathy Ludwig
Texas Woman's University