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Wim Van Meerbeeck
09-10-1997, 05:34 AM

The university of Louvain (fac. bio-mechhanics) starts this year with a
new project.
With the speed of the athlete (speedgun) and the (re)activity of the upper
leg muscles we want to calculate the frequency and lenghts of the
movements of the athlete.
For the detection of muscle (re)activity, we work with a pc104 module and
emg electrodes. But the problem of a pc104 module (it has to be a portable
system) is the single supply. So, we are looking for a emg electrode with
the specifications that you see at the end of this letter. We hope that
you can help us.
Plaese send us information about interesting emg electrodes.

Thank you very much for your cooperation !

single supply (+5V)
build-in pre ampl.
possibility end ampl. by software
shake resistend

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