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09-12-1997, 02:22 AM
J have invented the training system to have maximum race power, without use
of weights with natural running position :" the centrifugal track"
J have calcolate ( see the attachment) with teoric method the relation
betwen velocity,gravity, maximum race power, frequence step running
on centrifugal track
J have seen that maximum race power is for G= 1.5 g (g= gravity
acceleration) and the increasing of race power is 25% more than maximum
racepower with natural gravity.
I like to know gravity acceleration with which is possible to have maximum
human race power. What is the best and the modern system to calcolate
exactly maximum race power running on centrifugal track? What is the
frequence step during maximum race power? I like to draw exactly the
diagram with velocity, gravity, maximum race power, frequence step
on centrifugal track.
Can you help me? If you cann't help me , who can help me ? Can you mail me
the receach center or the address of Ph professor E-mail which can help
me? Can you know a man that can invited me in a recearch center ,in
conference, in fairs , in journals, in television ....
Excuse for my english.
J am waiting your answer.
Thank you very much.
Ing. Giuseppe Scuderi
Via E. Filiberto 86
95010 Macchia di Giarre ( ITALY)
e-mail scuderig@dns.omnia.it