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Ton Van Den Bogert
09-17-1997, 04:16 AM

The Technical Group Computer Simulation (TGCS) of the ISB has
recently held their 6th International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan
(August 21-23) as a satellite event to the XVIth ISB congress.

The symposium, hosted by Dr. Michiyoshi Ae (University of
Tsukuba), had about 60 participants with 23 presentations.
Almost every presentation was accompanied by an informal software
demonstration in separate sessions, which allowed for many
stimulating discussions and much echange of ideas.

The Andzrej Komor new investigator award of the ISB was awarded
to Naomichi Ogihara, for his paper "A Bio-mimetic
neuro-musculo-skeletal model for synthesis of autonomous human
bipedal locomotion". I was personally very impressed by this
paper and several other Japanese contributions on control of
bipedal locomotion which showed a strong background in robotics
and control theory.

The TGCS thanks Dr. Ae for organising an excellent symposium.

TGCS membership
TGCS membership is free and open to all ISB members. If you are
not sure that you are registered, check the list of members on
our web page: http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/isb/tgcs . You can also
request an update of information included in the database.

TGCS members are automatically included in the mailing list
TGCS-L, which we hope will become an active means of
communication between members.

If you wish to become a member, please register through the web

Executive board elections
Within the next few weeks, a new executive board will be
elected. Make sure you are registered as a member, so you can
participate in the elections. Further information will be
distributed through TGCS-L.

Activities of TGCS
Symposia remain the main focus of the group. For activities
between symposia, there are plans for further developments of the
web site. There is already a considerable amount of simulation
software available, that can be downloaded from
http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/isb/software . Future plans include:
a Web-based encyclopaedia for simulation and modeling
(coordinated by Lutz Bauer), group projects such as benchmarking
of simulation software, and student exchange programs.

Thank you for your attention,

-- Ton van den Bogert
TGCS chairperson