View Full Version : Velocity tracking

unknown user
02-02-1992, 07:14 PM
Following Sue Challis' note about Radar based tracking of human motion, I
would just like to request that anyone who has specific information on
this type of body tracking posts it via the Biomch-L board. Tracking a
subject's motion when locomoting through an environment is of particular
interest to researchers in perception as well as biomechanics. Infra-red
systems tend to have range/field of view limitations, video has resolution
problems. Ideally real-time position/velocity estimates would be desirable
to allow environmental perturbations (or subject feedback). Some form of
radar tracking or real-time image-analysis of a (looming) body mounted
marker from a head on camera would seem the most likely solutions. -
Any suggestion from the more technically aware readership ?

John Wann (Psychology, Edinburgh).