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Miriam Satern
09-18-1997, 12:30 AM
Hello all--

This summer I sent out surveys to biomechanics professors at nearly 800
institutions of higher education in the United States. To date, I have
received completed surveys from around 160.

The survey asks questions about teaching practices, available facilities,
equipment, and personnel in undergraduate and graduate biomechanics classes
taught in departments of physical education, exercise science, kinesiology,
or whatever name your unit has chosen to label what was traditionally known
as physical education. The survey is similar to ones distributed in 1977
and 1984. Those results are reported in the proceedings of the First and
Second Symposia on Teaching Biomechanics/Kinesiology. My intent is to
compare the results from the 1997 survey to those of the two previous
surveys following the lead of Marrett, Pavlacka, Siler, & Shapiro (1984).

If you have not yet returned the survey, please do so by the September 30
deadline. If you have not seen a copy of the survey, someone else at your
school may have filled it out and sent it in already. Please check with any
other faculty who teach biomechanics before contacting me. Remember,
surveys were not sent to engineering departments...only PE/Ex

Thank you for your attention to my request. I'd like to get AT LEAST a 35%
response for the results to be comparable to previous surveys. Because of
the expense of copying a 10 page survey and sending it to nearly 800
schools, I also appreciate your willingness to put a 32 cent stamp on the
envelope to return it. My department has been gracious enough to fund the
distribution of a survey which will provide all of us with valuable
information as we approach our department chairs, deans, and whoever else
with requests to fulfill the teaching missions of our individual

Please return the survey to me at the address below and on the front page
of the survey. The results will be published in the proceedings of the 4th
Teaching Symposium which will be available from Jerry Wilkerson at Texas
Woman's University. Jerry's address is on the back page of the survey if
you wish to contact her about receiving a copy of the proceedings.
But....return the survey to me.

Thanks again....I'm looking forward to a busy time this fall tabulating the

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