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Kevin Mcquade
09-19-1997, 04:30 AM
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Summary of query re: Labview synch with flock and DAQ

Many replies were just to ask me to let them know if I found out
Four replies were received from persons who have worked on this
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Are you concerned about the synchronization of the data? You
may be successful driving a single "burst" of A/D data collection
during each serial read, but you will have to consider any
processing delays in the kinematic data and the LABVIEW macro
controlling the process. The combined data may not be truly
synchronous. If you run the two systems independently and
provide a sync pulse on each, the data can be re-aligned during
post processing. (The flock system should allow the integration of
an external event marker.) -- I am currently using a system based
on the Ascension hardware called "The Motion Monitor". It is
capable of collecting 14 birds,
64 A/D channels, and 6 external event markers (foot switch, etc)
synchronously at a maximum sampling rate of 144 Hz. The
synchronization is accomplished via proprietary code that
minimizes the time delays between the two data collection
processes. -- Let me know if you want any more details.
-- Pete
Peter E. Pidcoe, PhD, PT
UIC Depatment of Physical Therapy
1919 W. Taylor Street -- 4th floor
Chicago, IL 60612
phone - (312) 996-5864 fax - (312) 996-4583
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Try contacting Michael Biottlang at the University of Iowa.
I am not sure of his E-mail addresses, but I know that he is listed
in the University directory. He has done some work with flock of

Good Luck!

Jennifer Scot Dikeman
Graduate Student PHONE: (919)
Biomechanics FAX: (919) 515-7760
North Carolina State University E-mail:

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I'm working on something like that right now--I'll try and put
it in a directory for anonymous FTP next week.
Do you have LabVIEW programs running the flock of birds
already or have had many responses to your message? I'd like to
discuss some program obstacles!

P.S. We have a flock of birds system with an extended range
transmitter and are using it to test controllers in tracking motion
using Functional
Neuromuscular Stimulation.

-- JoAnne

JoAnne Riess,
Neural Control Lab,
Center for Biomedical Engineering,
University of Kentucky
E-mail: riess@cbme.uky.edu


I have pretty extensive Labview programs which control and
acquire data from a Flock of Birds system thru the serial port, as
well as from a force/torque system thru a second serial port, and
also EMG signals from a
DAQ card (PCMCIA). The data acquisition is performed in a
near-simultaneous manner. Let me know if you want further
information and/or copies of my vis.


Tanja Pieters, BS, BA, MS
Doctoral student
Biomedical Engineering Program
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064 E-mail: pieters@pluto.ee.cua.edu
PHONE: (202) 319-5172
FAX: (202) 319-4499

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