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Mandar S. Deshmukh
09-22-1997, 05:09 AM

Thank you to all who responded to me query regarding moment arm data for finger
tendons. Following is a summary of the responses I received.


Original query:

I am looking for moment arm data for tendons of the middle, ring and little
>finger of the human hand. A literature search has led to data for the index
>finger and thumb. Technical problems did not allow me to search the list


I have used
Chao et al. Biomechanics of the Hand, World Scientific Singapore 1989
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The following data have normalized data (based on some other anthropometric
parameter) for some of the finger tendons:
An KN, Chao EY, Cooney WP and Linscheid RL (1979) Normative model of human
hand for biomechanical analysis. Journal of Biomechanics 12, 775-788.
Armstrong TJ and Chaffin DB (1978) An investigation of the relationship
between displacements of the finger and wrist joints and the extrinsic
finger flexor tendons. Journal of Biomechanics 11, 119-128.

This paper includes only index finger data, though more detailed than the
other two:
An KN, Ueba Y, Chao EY, Cooney WP and Linscheid RL (1983) Tendon excursion
and moment arm of index finger muscles. Journal of Biomechanics 16, 419-425.



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I have found moment arm data for the index finger: the most complet I have is
the work:

Brook, N.; Mizrahi, J.; Shoham, M. and Dayan, J.
'A Biomechanical Model of Index Finger Dynamics'
Med. Eng. Phys. vol. 17, pp. 54-63

There is also a planar model of the middle finger that
give some moment arm data:

Lee, J.W. and Rim, K.
'Maximum Finger Force Prediction Using a Planar Simulation
of the Middle Finger'
Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. Part H: J. Eng. in Medicine, 204, pp. 169-178

There is also the work of Buchner that model the four fingers as one:

Buchner, H.J.; Hines, M.J. and Hemami, H.
'A Dynamic Model for Finger Interphalangeal Coordination'
J. Biomechanics, vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 459-468.

I have other references about biomechanic models of the hand. If
you are interested, I can send you my bibliography.


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An, K.N., Cooney, W.P. and Linscheid, R.L. (1979) Normative model of
human hand for biomechanical analysis. J. Biomech. 12: 775-788.

Hughes, Richard

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Momement arm data for the Middle finger have been published by Brand in
several publications on hand mechanics relevant to tendon transfers and in
his book Clinical mechanics of the hand, Mosby 1992. The moment arms for
may muscles distal to the elbow are also in the book.


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