View Full Version : 3D ultrasound detection of the spine

Marlies Reynders
09-23-1997, 09:51 PM
As a graduate student of the University K.U.Leuven (Belgium), I am
working on a project to detect the human spine. The spine of a person
lying on a bed on his side should be recorded in 3D (translation and
torsion). The measurement should be performed in a non-invasive way and
quickly. Radiography is excluded because of the damaging effect on
human health and because it is slow.
Maybe the spine can be imaged by ultrasound. The problem here is to
know the position of the spine in a world co÷rdinate system. If you
know a solution of this problem by ultrasoud, I would appreciate to hear
more from you.
All other techniques able to image the spine (for example : external
fixation with goniometers) are also very welcome.
Hoping you will respond soon,

Marlies Reynders
e-mail : marlies.reynders@student.kuleuven.ac.be
tel : 0032 (0)16 32.70.96
fax : 0032 (0)16 32.79.94

P.S. : you may also respond in Dutch, French or German.