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Chris Kirtley (kwok Kei Chi)
09-24-1997, 02:00 PM
Dear all analysers,

This week's Case at:


is a triumph of internet cooperation!...

The patient is a 10 year old diplegic boy with quite marked
transverse-plane abnormalities;
Dr. Andy Kopf in Vienna supplied the clinical examination findings;
Andreas Kranzl digitised the movies, and performed the 3D motion
analysis (Motion Analysis Corp.) and poly-electromyography (Noraxon);
Nerrolyn Ford in Melbourne came up with the observational analysis form,
which we're using for the first time this week;
Ray Smith in Perth converted it to a CGI script to log your responses.

Many thanks to the team! Please take a few minutes to complete the
observational analysis form. I've put a little JavaScript in the page
which will open the movies in separate windows - so you can view them
while you answer the questions. After submitting the form, you can view
the results gathered so far. We're working on a graphical display, but
for the moment you'll just see the raw totals for each question.

As usual, send your analysis and comments on the case to
cga@info.curtin.edu.au - look forward to a great discussion!

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