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Tony Sherborne
09-26-1997, 03:12 AM
Here in England, fewer and fewer students are taking up physics. To combat
this problem, we're producing a new course for 16-19 year olds, which will
presents physics in more exciting contexts. And I'm writng the unit on sport.
What it needs to come alive is a human dimension - a short case study on some
biomechanics research. So if your work involves one of these concepts: energy,
work, power, efficiency, and has an application in sport, I'd love to hear
from you.

Here, for instance, are a few things we think students would really like to
know: What use is physics in your research? Why do you enjoy doing the
research? What use is it in the real world?

In return for your help we'll publicise your research, and send you the final


Tony Sherborne
Salter s Advanced Physics Project Author