View Full Version : Posting and replying to Biomch-L (2)

Herman J. Woltring
02-03-1992, 07:19 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

After my previous note of today about posting onto Biomch-L, I received a
question from a long-standing reader of this list who did not know how to
post onto Biomch-L. In case that there are any other `passive' readers
wishing to become more active, the address for posting is simply




if you're an Internet, EuNet, JANet, UUCP, etc. user, and where the lower/
upper case variations are for easier human perception only: typo's in email
addresses are not corrected by intelligent emailmen for the time being!

Thus, postings go to a regular email address as when you are sending a note
to a human user's email address.

In order to prevent inadvertent postings onto Biomch-L, the list's profile
has been set up in such a way that use of most mailing s/w's REPLY command
will result in a reply to be sent to the original poster, and *not* to the
list. If you wish to reply with a public posting, you must explicitly
state the Biomch-L address in, typically, a SEND or MAIL command.

*Administrative* requests (subscription, signoff, file retrieval, change of
name, review of the list, etc.) sould be sent to user_id LISTSERV instead of
Biomch-L. If an apparent LISTSERVer request is sent to a list's address, it
may be intercepted by the LISTSERVer s/w, or it may be transmitted to all
subscribers -- as we have seen a few times recently. For more details, just
send the requests HELP and INFO ? (one per line) to the LISTSERVer -- the
Subject: line is for human perception ony.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL