View Full Version : Alignment of Prostheses

R. Seliktar
02-05-1992, 01:07 AM
For certain organizational purposes I should like to obtain information on
people in this field doing work related to structural alignment and mass-
inertia properties of lower limb prosthetics. I shall appreciate receiving nam
es and addresses of anyone who is either currently engaged in research or has
research results on the influence that the above properties have, on amputee
gait performance. Please respond directly to me in either of the following
E-Mail Address: (you could also reply directly to
this message)
Telephone (USA): 215-895 2357
Fax: 215-895 1478
Thank you for your cooperation and a prompt response,
Rami Seliktar
Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania