View Full Version : Help with modeling scapulohumeral motion

Suzanne R Babyar
10-01-1997, 01:13 AM
I have reeived a grant to study the validity of our kinematic analysis
system for scapulohumeral motion. I will use fluoroscopy of the shoulder
complex as the reference to compare the system-derived displacement
values of the scapula and humerus during abduction in the scapular
plane. The problem is, fluoroscopy gives a 2-D image and the kinematic
system gives a 3-D image.

I need a consultant biomechanist (for whom I have a budget) to assist in
designing a model for the thorax, scapula and humerus which can assist
the transformation of fluoroscopy data to kinematic data.

The research will be conducted at Hunter College and the Hospital for
Special Surgery in New York City.

Any ideas from subscribers would also be appreciated. Thank you.