View Full Version : Footswitch experts... HELP!

Arli R Oliveira
10-02-1997, 12:57 AM
My name is Arli. I am a graduate student at University of Pittsburgh (PA).
I intend to use a footswitch in one of our experiments but I am having a
hard time looking for a holder for the device. As we will go to assess
many subjects, the footswitch will be disposal. We are trying not sold
the device to the two wires because the experiment will require many
Anybody has an ideia or suggestions for a holder (or connector?) Any
information about model, type, codes, supply stores where we can find
them, phone number, etc. will be warmly welcomed! Thanks!

Arli Ramos de Oliveira, M.S.
University of Pittsburg
Motor Behavior Laboratory
125 Trees Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15216 USA
Phone: (412) 648-8256
E-mail: arost4+@pitt.edu