View Full Version : Effect of freezing and thawing on fresh cadaver tissue properties

10-02-1997, 03:27 AM
Hello eveyone:

I need some assistance from those of you who have experience working with
"fresh" (unembalmed) cadavers or "fresh-frozen" cadavers. I am curious if
freezing and thawing change the tissue properties measurably (especially
ligament properties). In our lab, we are testing the creep response of
intact ligaments in the human hand. Specifically, we receive the cadaver
limbs frozen and then thaw them before testing. However, sometimes it
would be convenient to do different aspects of the testing several days
apart. The limbs stay fresher if we re-freeze them for several days and
then re-thaw them out before the next test. But...I don't know whether or
not the re-freezing and re-thawing effect the tissue properties. Can
anyone help me on this one? Thanks!


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