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Stephen Haake
10-03-1997, 02:05 AM
************************Call for Papers*************************

*******************SPORTS ENGINEERING********************

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Papers are now invited for publication in the September 1998 issue.
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SPORTS ENGINEERING is a new international journal from Blackwell
Science publishing quality papers on the application of engineering and
science to sport. The Journal intends to fill the niche area which lies
between classical engineering and sports science and aims to bridge the gap
between the analysis of the equipment and the athlete.

Areas of interest include the mechanics and dynamics of sport, the
analysis of movement, instrumentation, equipment design, surface
interaction, materials and modelling. These topics may be applied to
technology in almost any sport. The Journal will be of particular interest
to engineering, physics, mathematics and sports science departments and
will act as a forum where research, industry and the sports sector can
exchange knowledge and innovative ideas.

The journal will be published in association with the International
Sports Engineering Association (ISEA). It will be quarterly from 1999 and
will publish two issues in 1998. All papers will be peer reviewed by at
least two reviewers.

As well as quality papers, Sports Engineering will also publish
technical notes, review papers and book reviews. Prospective authors
should discuss their proposals with the editor

***************Notes to Authors***************
Instructions for authors can be provided by email on request from the
editor at s.j.haake@sheffield.ac.uk.

Dr Steve Haake, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of
Sheffield, Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD.

**The Editorial Board will include**
Professor R Bartlett, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Professor H Brody, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr P Freychat, Decathlon, France
Dr M Friswell, University of Wales, UK
Professor H Hatze, University of Vienna, Austria
Professor M Hubbard, University of California at Davis, USA
Professor R Smith, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr A Subic, University of Melbourne, Australia
Professor S Ujihashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

**ISEA panel of editors**
Dr P Danichki, Brunel University, UK
Dr C Grant, University of Newcastle, UK
Professor J Knight, De Montfort University, UK
Dr S Mather, University of Nottingham, UK
Dr J Morgan, University of Bristol, UK
Dr R Thomson, University of Glasgow, UK

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Please contact the Editor with queries regarding submission on

Please contact Vivienne Harvey at Blackwell Science's marketing department
for subscription information on vivienne.harvey@blacksci.co.uk

Dr Steve Haake,
Sports Engineering Research Group,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
The University of Sheffield,
Mappin Street,
Sheffield, S1 3JD,
United Kingdom.

Tel (+114) 222 7739
Fax (+114) 275 3671