View Full Version : Message for Mr. James Sullivan, PhD

Jon Keeling And/or Laura Liu
10-10-1997, 05:11 AM
Mr. James J. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Department of Human Performance and Athletics

I just saw an old message you sent to the biomechanics discussion group
back in 1995 concerning further study of karate movements.

I have also practiced Shotokan Karate for many years (over 15) and am
interested in further studies of karate techniques. In fact, I am
writing a
manual of technical analysis based on mathematical & physics principles,

intended for use by advanced karate practitioners and am now after more
detailed scientific research to back up some of my more complex

Any information you have obtained would be greatly appreciated. If you
are interested in collaberation on further research and/or know of
else (particularly in northern California) who might be, please let me

Thank you & osu!
-Jon Keeling