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Tuire Karaharju-huisman
10-12-1997, 10:35 PM
Dear all!
While reading Winter's book "Biomechanics and motor control of human
movement" 2nd edition, I came up with a question concerning pathological gait.
On the page 68, it says: "In practice we have found errors become
significant when the angular velocity of the rotating segment falls below
0.5 r/s". This would mean approx 30 dg/s.
Is it possible, that this low rotation speed would occur in pathologigal
gait, especially in MMC and hypotonic patients? If yes, is it possible to
avoid these possible significant errors? Has anyone been dealing with this
problem before? Are there any publications on this issue?

Thank you all for your help. I'll post the replys later.


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