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Rodger Kram
10-14-1997, 05:16 AM
In the tradition of the Harper's Magazine Index, I present the following
numerical items without editorial comment.

* The Univ. of California @ Berkeley Bioscience and Natural Resources
Library was
forced to cancel about 350 journals last year due to state budget cuts.

* Institutional annual subscription rate for Journal of Biomechanics $1485

* THE HAGUE, Oct 13 (AFP) - Anglo-Dutch publishing giant Reed Elsevier and
Dutch rival Wolters Kluwer said Monday they will merge to create the
world's largest scientific and professional publications house.

Reed Elsevier, created in 1992 through the merger of Reed International of
Britain and Elsevier of the Netherlands, made a net profit last year of 603
million pounds (964 million dollars).

Wolters Kluwer made a net profit last year of around 250 million dollars.

The new chair, Cor Brakel from Kluwer, was quoted as saying "its an
interesting sector with reasonably high profits and where there are still
good opportunities"

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