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Marlies Reynders
10-14-1997, 09:47 PM
Dear subscribers,

We are working on a project to image the spine. The idea is to follow
the back surface with an ultrasound transducer. Like this an image of
the most posterior elements of the spine is obtained. From this image
we want to distinguish the spinous and transverse processes.
Because the distances measured are relative to the skin,
a 3D positioning system should be attached to the transducer.
The total is a 3D imaging system.
>From the position of the processes the rotation of the spine can be
On the internet we found some articles using such a system to image
organs and fetusses. We also understood that those systems are
commercially available.

Has anyone used such a system?
We would like to know :
-how much the HW and SW to get a 3D image of the spine on the screen
-what kind of transducers were used
-what was the system used for, what were the results, what is the
resolution, what is the scanning time, what is the processing time

If anyone already imaged the spine and calculated the rotation of the
spine, we would like to know the cost of the extra software as well.

We would like to thank you in advance for helping us out !

Marlies en Michel

e-mail : marlies.reynders@student.kuleuven.ac.be

students of the departement of Biomechanica en Grafische Ontwerpen
at the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven