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Brad Waugh
10-16-1997, 02:14 AM
I forgot in my last post to reference an old list archive on the topic
of Biomechanics of Martial Arts. The posting was from Manfred Vieten to
this list on Fri, 18 Nov 1994. I don't know how to give a link to it
but here is the section listing sources on topic

Summary of replies (Literature sorted in alphabetical order):

Lutz Bauer and Elke von Oehsen
Discovering common biomechanical factors of different karate techniques.
Biomechanics XI-B, pp. 129, International Series on Biomechanics, Volume
7-B , Free University Press Amsterdam, 1988

Chuang TY; Lieu DK.
A parametric study of the thoracic injury potential of basic taekwondo
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 1992 Aug, 114(3):346-51.

M.S. Feld, R.E. McNair, and S.R. Wilk
The Physics of Karate.
I think it was in Scientific American or
Physics Today around 1979. The paper discusses some simple impact and
dynamic physics but does not look into rotational motion with respect to
human attacks.
Hobusch, F.L. & McClellan T. (1990). The karate roundhouse kick.
National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal, volume 12,
6, pages 6-9,84-89.

Park, Y,J. A biomechanical analysis of taekwondo front-kicks. (Thesis)
University of Minnesota. 1990. University Microfilms International.

Pieter,F. Movement analysis of taekwondo techniques. Asian Journal of
Physical Education (Taiwan). 1987. 10 (3) 45-58.

Serina, E. R. and Lieu, D. K. Thoracic injury potential of basic
taekwondo kicks. 1991. Journal of Biomechanics. 24 (10), 951-960.

Shirley, M. E. The taekwondo side kick: a kinesiological analysis with
strength and conditioning principles. National Strength and
Association Journal (USA). 1992, 14(5) 7-8;72-78.

There is a special of scientific american concerning the mechanics of
and moments in nature. It also deals with rotations and moments during
and aikido.

I do not have any specific data, but you might try to contact Everett
I believe he is now at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Occupational
Medicine, Natick, MA 01760-5007, USA.

>From Seogyong Lee information on data/literature sources related to
Taekwondo including the description of his own activities.

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