View Full Version : SurfDriver software/DXF files

Stephen Ferguson
10-19-1997, 07:00 PM
Hello all

Is anybody familiar with the SurfDriver software? It's
a nice little program for generating 2D contours from
bmp images (e.g. MRI, CT, histological sections) and then
creating 3D entities from those contours. The program
can export the objects in DXF format. However, most finite
element programs read in IGES data only.

First, I should admit my ignorance of the two file formats.
I know the DXF format from exporting 2D vector drawings
from AutoCAD. Is a DXF file of a 3D object truly 3D data
that would be useful for building an FE model? Does anybody know
a cheap solution for translating DXF files to IGES? I
would be generating just a few solid models, but the only
commercial translator packages that I have found, via the
www, are prohibitively expensive.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Stephen Ferguson
ASIF Research Institute
Davos, Switzerland