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Herman J. Woltring
02-11-1992, 08:46 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

This is a CfC (Call for Contributions) for a summary Resource File that I hope
to compile for activities in our field similar to the Resource File for the
INNS-L list mentioned on 31 January. Such a file would be retrievable from
/pub/neural/annsim/resrc104.txt (or higher number) for INNS-L (International
Neural Network Systems) which can be obtained via anonymous ftp from me.uta.edu
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington); one such a Resource
File was distributed on INNS-L last October, and can be retrieved with the
command SEND INNS-L LOG9110 to LISTSERV@UMDD.BITNET. Topics of interest would,
in my mind, include:

* Societies (incl. secretarial office)
* Journals, Newsletters, and Magazines (incl. main editors)
* BITNET/Internet discussion lists, Usenet Newsgroups (incl. moderators)
* Relevant projects (incl. main coordinators, with summary descriptions)
* Titles of relevant handbooks and recent proceedings (incl. price details)
* Email / ftp / telnet accessible databases
* Off-line databases (hardcopy and electronic)
* Relevant (semi)public-domain software packages and utilities
* Relevant merchants of hard- and software

Where relevant, adresses including telephone, fax, telex, and email information
would be desirable. In particular, email addresses would be desirable.

The idea is to update such a Resource File on a (semi)annual basis, and I
should welcome any offers from the readership on who would like to take
charge of such an activity. For the time being, I am willing to coordinate
such a venture, but additional help would be very welcome!

I believe that the fast nature of email and electronically accessible data-
bases are particularly suited for this type of service, more than printed
publications which take more time to draft, print, and disseminate, and may
thus be obsolete by the time they have been distributed.

Looking forward to your responses, and with kind regards,

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL