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Herman J. Woltring
02-13-1992, 12:00 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

As Gene Golub has had a profound influence on some of my own work during the
past 15 years or so, it is a pleasure to cross-post the Numerical Analysis
Digest's Special Issue of this week onto Biomch-L. Numerical aspects are of
tremendous importance in a wide diversity of applications; quatitative Bio-
mechanics and Movement Science are no exception.

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 07:29:55 -0500
From: nacomb@surfer.EPM.ORNL.GOV
Subject: NA Digest, V. 92, extra issue

NA Digest Wednesday, February 12, 1992 Volume 92 : Extra issue

Today's Editor:

Cleve Moler
The MathWorks, Inc.

Today's Topics:

This is a special, unnumbered, mid-week issue of the NA News Digest.
It is being sent to everybody on the mailing list, except Gene Golub.
He will probably see it anyway.

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Mail to na.digest@na-net.ornl.gov.

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From: Dianne O'Leary
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 10:04:20 CST
Subject: Birthday Greetings for Gene Golub

Gene Golub will celebrate his 60th birthday on February 29, and the
IMA at the University of Minnesota is hosting a one day symposium in
his honor.

I'm compiling a set of birthday greetings / reminiscenses / photos / etc.
to present to him at the celebration. If you have something to include
in the collection, please send it to

Dianne O'Leary
IMA 514 Vincent Hall
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0436


(612) 624-3339


From: Daniel Boley
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 92 17:28:13 -0600
Subject: Gene Golub's Birthday Celebration Schedule


As part of the Workshop on Iterative Methods on Sparse and Structured
Problems, sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
(IMA) at the University of Minnesota, February 24-March 1, 1992, the last
full day of the workshop, Saturday, February 29, 1992, will be a special day
to honor a very special person, Prof. Gene Golub, on the occasion of his
sixtieth birthday. Below is a tentative schedule for Feb. 29 and the
evening before. The rest of the workshop is being organized separately.
Please contact ima_staff@ima.umn.edu for details.

Schedule for February 28, 1992, evening

There will be a dinner at the Campus Club on the University campus.
Wine and Cheese Reception starts at 18:15, dinner at 19:00.
Reservations required by ima_staff@ima.umn.edu by Feb. 19.

Tentative schedule for February 29, 1992

Location of talks: room 3-180 EE/CSci Bldg on the Univ. campus.

Morning 8:30-10:00

8:30 The history of the SVD (Pete Stewart)
9:00 Recollections of Gene's influence on my days at Stanford (Tony Chan)
9:15 Gene's first course on Numerical Analysis (Roger Horn)
9:30 Gene as Mentor (Mike Heath)
9:45 Writing a book about Matrix Computations (Charlie Van Loan)

Coffee break

morning 10:30-12:00

10:30 Gene Golub's contributions to QR and other least squares methods
(Ake Bjorck)
11:00 How a Superb Teacher converted a Statistics Student to Matrix Computing
(Frank Luk)
11:15 The Swiss Connection (Walter Gander)
11:30 Dinner with Gene (Nick Trefethen)
11:45 Editorial Work with Gene (Bob Plemmons)


Afternoon 13:30-15:00

13:30 Gene Golub and Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems (David Young)
14:00 Gene Golub: Our first meeting and our first paper (Dick Varga)
14:15 Gene's efforts in promoting Scientific Computing (Ahmed Sameh)
14:30 Serra House and Constanzo Street (Cleve Moler)
14:45 Life with Uncle Gene (Jim Varah)

Coffee break

afternoon 15:30-17:00

15:30 Gene Golub's impact on iterative methods for sparse systems
(Dianne O'Leary)
16:00 Adding GENE (Henk van der Vorst)
16:15 My first numerical analysis seminar (Howard Elman)
16:30 Gene as a host, guest and traveller (Iain Duff)
16:45 How I got into drawing for SIAM (John de Pillis)

Banquet at My Le Hoa Restaurant
cash bar starting at approximately 18:00, dinner starting at 19:00
Banquet speaker : Bill Gear

To cover the costs, we are asking $15 for each Banquet participant.
Reservations are required by boley@cs.umn.edu by Feb. 19.
Make checks out to Patricia Sandve or Daniel Boley.
When reserving your Banquet spot, I would greatly appreciate the following

- Name, address, phone, fax, e-mail (at least enough to contact you).
- Expected dates of arrival and departure in Minneapolis.
- How many will be going to the dinners on Saturday and/or Friday?
- Do you expect to need a ride to the Restaurant (will you have a car)?
(I need to plan for rides...)

The Saturday banquet will be $15 per person. If you can send a check on a
U.S. bank, please make it out to Patricia Sandve or Daniel Boley and send it
Patricia Sandve or Daniel Boley
Computer Science Dept.
University of Minnesota
200 Union Street SE #4-192
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
PLEASE mark your envelope "Gene Golub Workshop".

Hotel rooms are available at the Day's Inn, about 4 blocks from Campus, at
the special rate of $35/night (plus tax). Please call them directly to
reserve your room. The special rate is being held only until Feb. 9, 1992.
You should be able to guarantee your reservation with a credit card. The
address/phone number is
Day's Inn University
2407 University Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA
phone (612)-623-3999 or (612)-623-4262
(when making reservations, ask for Joyce Turner, or state that
you are visiting the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications)

We hope to see you there!

Daniel Boley boley@cs.umn.edu
Jack Dongarra dongarra@cs.utk.edu
Paul Van Dooren vdooren@uicsl.csl.uiuc.edu


End of NA Digest