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02-13-1992, 03:33 AM
February 13, 1992

Greetings to the readership:

The 8th East Coast Clinical Gait Conference will be held in
combination with the West Coast Conference on May 5-8, 1993 in
Rochester, MN, USA. I will serve as the local organizer. For the
benefit of the file, this conference brings together clinicians and
research personnel working in the areas of gait and motion
analysis. We encourage the free exchange of ideas and experiences
in attempts to foster this science. The conference usually
contains submitted papers of various types, invited keynote
speakers, and vendors of relevent equipment and supplies. The
presentations at the last conference ranged from analysis of
crawling to the gait of the elderly, as well as presentations on
the physically impaired and normal subjects.

I will post the call for abstracts on BIOMCH-L at the appropriate
time, and will try to put together a means of allowing authors to
submit papers via this medium. If you would like any other
information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Tom Cahalan, PT
Biomechanics Laboratory
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN 55901

507-284-8941 -- office
507-284-5392 -- FAX
cahalan@mayo -- e-mail

Tom Cahalan