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Zoe Sara Nicholson
10-22-1997, 07:58 PM
Dear All,
Denise Neptune passed this address over to me in the hope that someone
will be able to help me. I am currently in my third year at Brunel
University and i am starting on my final Undergraduate study. Ihave chosen
to look at the lower extremity injuries caused to field hockey players,
playing on synthetic turf. However i am more interested in looking into the
affects astro shoes have on these injuries. It is in this area that i am
having trouble finding relevant information. If anyone knows of any papers
that would help me or of anyone who is in the know in this area i would
appreciate hearing from you.
Thankyou for your time .
Yours sincerely,
Zoe Nicholson.

Zoe Sara Nicholson
Brunel University, UK