View Full Version : Fall Prevention for the Elderly

10-25-1997, 02:45 AM
I am presently developing a Fall Prevention Program for the Elderly,
which I plan to present to my community in the early spring. Thus far my
research has yielded a number of wonderful resources, many from the
Internet. Next weekend I'll be spending the day at Univ. of California
Medical Library in San Francisco tracking down the many citations I
located on various online databases. I've selected a number of exercises
to include in the program: exercises recommended by the American Council
on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. However, I am
lacking resources for certain techniques used in balance and gait
training. These techniques and methods are mentioned frequently in the
literature I've found, but descriptions are omitted. One, is "tandem
walk"; another is bean bag and ball tossing. What other techniques are
you aware of that are used in balance and gait training? I am very
interested in any information you can direct me to so that I may proceed
with the project. Thank you.

Dolores Neese
San Francisco, Calif.