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10-28-1997, 12:34 AM

I recently posted the following question. I think all of the
responses to my question would be helpful to you. I am posting it to
the list as this information maybe useful to other members.

Thanks for all replies I received.

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Subject: Modelling an infants neck

I am trying to obtain the following paper

Twisk, D. Anthropometric data of children for the development of
dummies - Delft, Netherlands : TNO Crash Safety Research Centre,, 1993
(750161275 - C)

The British Library have advised me that I will not be able to order
it till December as it is currently on loan.

This is the only reference I have found which gives information on the
dimensions of infants from 0 years.

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Try looking in " Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics and design" by
Stephen Pheasant, published by Taylor and Francis. It has tables of
anthropometric estimates for different age groups i.e. newborn
infants, less than 6 months, 6 months to 1 year etc. Hope this helps,


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Maybe the book of one of my colleagues is useful for you; the
reference is: Steenbekkers,LPA, Child development, design implications
and accident prevention. Delft University Press,1993. The faxnumber of
the publisher is: +31-15-2781661. She describes the result of the
measurements of the anthropometry of 2400 children from 0-13 years of

2 Another book was published in 1975 by The Society of Automotive
Engineering,Detroit,Michigan,USA and written by RG Snyder et al. the
title is: Anthropometry of US infants and children.SP-394. These data
are also free accessible on the URL of the US Consumer Product Safety
Commission: http://WWW.cpsc.gov/library/library.html

3 You can also
use the book of the late Stephen Pheasant "Body Space", Second
Edition, Taylor and Francis 1996; in this book there is a table with
data of Tanner of newborn children, but there are measured about 1966.

4 The book Childata, Handbook of Child Measurement and Capabilities
from the Consumer Safety Unit from the Department of Trade and
industry London phone +44-(0)171 215 3474. Authors Beverley Norris and
John Wilson fromm the University of Nottingham, contents data of
(among others) Snyder and Steenbekkers and is I think also freely
distributed because it is supported by the EC. ----------------- With
kind regards Johan Molenbroek --
Johan Molenbroek, PhD
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Chair Subdepartment Physical Ergonomics Faculty
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7179/7316 e-mail j.f.m.molenbroek@io.tudelft.nl

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Why not contact TNO directly? They may send you a copy of the paper.
Their web page is at http://www.tno.nl or email their infodesk at

Richard Wolff calls himself the virtual librarian of TNO. His website
is at: http://huizen.dds.nl/~rmw/ or email: wolff@cc.tno.nl

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Gunter
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Unless you have to have British infants, I would suggest that you
obtain a copy of "Anthropometry of Infants, Children, and Youths to
Age 18 for Product Safety Design." Final Report to Consumer Product
Safety Commission, 5401 West Bard Avernue, Bethesda, Maryland, USA,
1977. Prepared by R. G. Snyder, L. W. Schneider, C. L. Owings, H. M.
Reynolds, D. H. Golomb, and M. A. Schork at The University of
Michigan, Highway Safety Research Institute (currently the University
of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, or UMTRI).

There were 34 dimensions measured on 223 infants from 0-23 months.
The data are reported in 3 month intervals for the mean, sd, min. 5th,
50th, 59th, and max. I can send you a xerox copy of the appropriate
pages if you are unable to obtain a complete copy of the final report.

I have your address, please let me know if this information will help.

Herbert M. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Ergonomics Research Laboratory
Michigan State University
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