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C. Roger James, Phd
10-29-1997, 04:38 AM
Biomch-L members,

We recently inherited an "old" Cybex Orthotron II isokinetic dynamometer
retrofitted with the Isotechnologies electronics hardware for time series
collection and analysis. While the Cybex is in near perfect condition, the
Isotechnologies electronics hardware (amplifier box) is in need of some
minor repair. I placed a phone call to the company and found out that
Isotechnologies was bought by Interlogics a couple of years ago and they no
longer provide support for the Cybex/Isotechnologies hardware. Does anyone
have suggestions for repair of the amplifier box and/or do you know of any
suppliers of similar hardware that would work in place of the
Isotechnologies version.

If there is sufficient interest I'll post replies to the list.

Thank you!

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