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Steve Lutes
10-31-1997, 03:09 AM
About a week ago I sent out the following message------------------------

I'm designing a device to measure phase between two low-frequency sine
waves using a phase-locked loop. The idea here is to measure the phase
angle between an angular velocity stimulus and a torque response. The
reason I'm
using a phase-locked loop is that a PLL works well in noise.

I find this device useful to me. I'd like to know if such a device would
useful to anyone else.

My questions are:
(1) Would you or anyone you know use a phase measurement
device in your work?
(2) If so, what would you use it for and how?
(3) What features would you like such a device to have?

I will post a summary of replies

Thank you for your time and answers.


If you wish to comment on this, please reply by 11/7/97. At the end of the day
11/7/97, I will close the summary of replies

Thank you

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