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Stacpoole Podiatry
11-02-1997, 09:26 PM
Dear Colleagues,

I wish to induce muscle fatigue in the foot and leg in a population of
healthy Diabetics inorder to assess any effect on their walking gait. To
induce fatigue in a healthy athletic population I have successfully used a
modified shuttle run fitness test.

The concern I have is that when measuring the subject's perception of
fatigue via a revised Borg scale (RPE), there can be confusion to whether
the subject truly perceives fatigue, or lacks the motivation to continue
the rather boring and repetitive task.

My understanding of exercising a Diabetic person is that their blood sugar
levels will reduce and this may induce central fatigue and lead to an
alteration in their mood. If this is so, then potentially they may
withdraw from the fatigue inducing protocol due to lack of motivation to
continue the task rather than perceiving fatigue.

Does anyone have knowledge of a fatigue inducing protocol for feet and
Has anyone experience of exercise testing with Diabetics?

I would value your comments, experiences and any words of wisdom.
Naturally, I will post a summary to the group.

Yours faithfully,


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Susan Stacpoole-Shea
Injury Prevention and Control Research Group,

PhD candidate, University of Ballarat,
School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences,

309 Eyre Street, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Home phone/fax; +61 (0) 353 314440
Email; spod@netconnect.com.au

Moving to San Antonio, Texas in December to take up a Research Fellowship
at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Department of

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