View Full Version : Request for kinematic data to share

Stuart Gillespie
11-03-1997, 05:41 AM
Dear BIOMECH-L and TGCS members,

I am working on an MS thesis in Mech. Engr. currently working on a
computational biomechanics project.

I would like to ask a favor - would someone be willing to share some
kinematic data that I could use to run through my program and use as
an example to demonstrate the validity of the computational method.

I have no requirements on the type of motion the data represents and
have no wish to intrude on the subject of someone elses work. Even an
test-run or example that came with the software you currently use
would be welcome.

The ideal sample would be position or joint angle data that is 3D,
full-body, and the more body segments the better. I would not need
a large number of frames, 10 or so would be plenty. Some sort of
model description would be needed (although not needed in the same
file as the data) but the data could be in any (as long as its known)
format, although ascii would be preferred.

Thank you for your time,

- Stuart Gillespie

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