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Dr. Fabian E. Pollo
11-04-1997, 04:47 AM
Hello everyone,

I need some help with analyzing the golf swing.

I have been asked if our laboratory is capable of analyzing the golf
swing. I have always said that we can do it, but now that I think about
it more, I find that just recording the data is only half the
procedure. You also have to be able to analyze it properly to provide
useful information to the subject. We have a 5 camera 120Hz Motion
Analysis System and one forceplate. My questions is are any labs out
there with similar equipment that are using it to analyze the golf
swing? What are the major parameters that you record and how do you use
those parameters as feedback? I am an avid golfer, but sure in the heck
can not teach it.

Any assitance would be helpful. I will be happy to post the responses
if there is enough interest.

Thank you,


Fabian E. Pollo, Ph.D.
Director, Motion and Perforamcen Laboratory
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Baylor University Medical Ceter
Dallas, TX 75246

voice: (214) 820-6300
fax: (214) 820-1988

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