View Full Version : Position Avalible for Research Assistant.

Ashvin Thambyah
11-05-1997, 03:01 AM
A position is available immediately for a research assistant in the
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University of Singapore. The
contract will be for the period of three years.

The job is to assist in the research of gait analysis in cruciate
ligament-deficient patients, where the research assistant will work
under direct supervision of the principal investigator.

Applicants should possess at least a good honours degree in engineering
(or in a field applicable to the study of gait and human movement), and
should be experienced in gait analysis data interpretation and the basic
use of the Vicon motion analysis system. Preference will be given to
those with post-graduate qualifications.

Those interested to apply should fax their CV to the Principal
Dr. P. Thiagarajan at: (65)778-9651
e-mail to: dospt@nus.edu.sg

The position welcomes all applications, both international and local

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