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11-05-1997, 03:03 AM
Dear subscribers,

we are interested in experimentally collected angles between: a) the
three individual tendons (gastrocnemius medialis, lateralis and
soleus) of the Achilles tendon and b) each individual tendon
and the Achilles tendon. Are there any data concerning these angles
from human cadavers?
Thank you for your help. As usual, all the replies will be forwarded
to the list.

Anna Iossifidou

Anna N. Iossifidou
Dept. Exercise and Sport Science
Crewe and Alsager Faculty
Manchester Metropolitan University
Hassall Road, Alsager

e-mail: a.iossifidou@mmu.ac.uk
tel: +44 161 2475523
fax: +44 161 2476375

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